last update: 2022-09-26 at 11:00:11 CEST

Customize the OpenBox Window Manager

Install Tint2

sudo apt-get install tint2
mkdir -p ~/.config/tint2 ~/.config/openbox
vim ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc

Install a nice OpenBox Theme

For example the Laza theme from lyrae (thanks to him!)

tar xvfz Laza-openbox.tar.gz
sudo cp -aRv Laza /usr/share/themes/

Now select the Laza theme e.g. via ObConf This changes the window title bar and the openbox menu theme. To get the application theme also in Laza style you need to install some gtk stuff to use the Laza Gtk2 theme:

sudo apt-get install gnome-settings-daemon gtk-theme-switch
echo gnome-settings-daemon >> ~/.config/openbox/autostart
tar xvfz 64953-Laza.tar.gz
cd Laza/
tar xvfz Laza-gtk2.tar.gz
cp -aRv Laza /usr/share/themes/

Now start gtk-theme-switch2 and select the Laza theme

Install a Screen Shooter

sudo apt-get install xfce4-screenshooter

vim ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml

    <keybind key="Print">
      <action name="Execute">

openbox --reconfigure